Legal Aid

Children’s Legal Service
Tel: 1800 10 18 10
Hours: Weekdays 9am – midnight; Friday 9am to Sunday midnight & on public holidays
Youth LegalHotline weekdays: 9am to midnight; Friday to Sunday, public holidays: 24 hrs

Family Law Early Intervention Unit
Tel: 1800 551 589
A specialist service of Legal Aid helping people sort out family law issues as early as possible

Legal Aid
LINC 1 Padley St, Lithgow 2790
Tel: 6352 2077
Fax: 6353 1826
Hours: Tuesday 10am- 3pm at LINC
Contact LINC Reception for all appointments

Salvos Legal Humanitarian Legal Advice
Tel: 8201 1500 for an appointment for telephone advice
Hours: 10am – 4pm Wednesdays